2_Zhang, Nicole, About me

I am Nicole Zhang. My Chinese name is Zhang Jiayi. I mention about my Chinese name because it has an interesting meaning. Jia(加) means plus, and Yi(一) means 1. My name in Chinese actually means Zhang plus one. I like reading books in my free time, and my favorite writer is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Although I can’t appreciate all of his books, I still enjoyed to read his work multiple times and try to understand. I love to play most sports like basketball, soccer, and skateboard. It is relaxing for me to exercise, and it’s a healthy habit. The  appendectomy I had several years ago leads to my poor digestion, and that’s the reason I need to care more about my health.

I’d like to study computer science and be a software developer in the future. I am not really excellent at computer science or math, but I am dreaming to develop a voice singing synthesizer software. I am very interested in science objects, and I expect myself I can be better and better in the future. I went to UCI this summer vacation, and I talked with the computer science professor. I am still confused about my future, and I don’t even know if this is the right choice I made, but I hope my life is getting better every day. The first photo I chose is my 16 year old birthday, and the second photo is the place I did volunteer work last summer in Chengdu. I cleaned up the poop of pandas.

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