2 Zhang Jessie About me

                                                                                           About Me
Hello, my name is Jessie, I’m 14 years old, and I’m from Qingdao, which is a beautiful coastal city in China. I really love my city, for I was born here, in Qingdao, there’s a lot of perfect memory here. There are three people and one cat in my family: my mother, my father, and my 4-month-old lovely cat. I love dancing, I have danced for 9 years, and I have learned all the basic dancing skills to the hardest ballet. I think dancing is just like an old friend to me. When I dance, there is only me and the music, and I immerse myself in it.

My favorite place to go is the amusement park, I like riding roller coaster, going to spooky house…… I really like something that can thrill me. I like watching movies.Once, I sat in the cinema from 8am to 9 pm, on that day, I watched 6 movies. I love traveling. I have went to a lots of places, such as Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and so on.

(the right one in the photo is me, another one is  my roommate)

(This is my cat,Dafu.)

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