2_Ren Ronny, About me

 My name is Ronny, a student in Pegasus 11 Grade, I don’t know why I got Ronny this name, maybe the initial same with my family, I think it really easy to remember. I think hobby is really important in our life, when I was 6 years old, my mom let me learn swimming this skill, I think it really useful for me, and also I like play the cello, that sound make me feel relaxed, and also it is my favorite instrument. I still study latin dance before, because the rhythm in the latin music is my favorite sound. When I came to Pegasus, I have a new hobby is drawing, I enjoyed when I painting progressing.

I have a happiness family, there are three people in my family, dad mom and me. I am the tallest person in my family,we have same hobby style, I really enjoy shopping with my mother, watch movie and also talk about it.  I like watch Olympics games and play some cards games with my dad, we both enjoy the exciting feeling. I think in some special festival, stay with my family is a really happiness things, like spring festival that we make dumpling together. I enjoy the time I stay with my family.

Before I came to Pegasus, I have many friends, I think they have same personality with me, we understand each other, help each other, then we got stabilize friendship. I like to eat hotpot with them, play game with them and tell them self innermost thoughts. After I came to Pegasus I still have many friends, we laugh at the same situation, we can understand each other without a lot of words. This is truly relationship

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