2, Liu, Vanessa, About Me

I am Vanessa, a junior at Pegasus. I live with my mom, and there are six members in my family, because I have a brother, and he has already got a two months daughter now, which mains, I became an aunt two months ago! Because I am the second child of my mom, and she actually spends much more time, money, and love on me than on my brother, so I love her really much.

Also, my mom signed up nearly all the outside classes of different interests for me, piano, drawing, flute, dancing, etc. However, the only thing that I have persisted from my childhood to present is drawing, and that is basically my biggest interest. I like drawing when I was very young; my mom said that I always drew on the wall of our home which drove her crazy. From there, I want to take art more seriously in my life, I began to learn and practice. Now, I am trying my best to go to an art school that I dream of. Everything else like piano and flute, I completely forgot how to play them.

I have four best friends in Pegasus, and I have known two of them for nearly six years because we went to my previous school together, and we transferred together to Pegasus. We have a really solid relationship with each other, and we bring satisfaction and happiness mutually.

Another big part of my life is going to my idol’s concert. I went to EXO’s concert this year with my mom. The concert was filled with the ecstatic scream, and it really made me went to raptures. I want to go to their concert next year in Seoul, but only if I got all my grades done, which I promised my mom. However, I hope I can go to their concert in Seoul, not only hope but aspire to go.


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