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About Me

My name is Yvonne. I am 17 years old now. Besides my parents, I still have a younger brother, called Arthur. He is 5 years younger than me, which is a 7th grader now. Not like me, he is really good at sports and violin. In my family, we have a special member in my family, a dog. Her name is Yuan Bao. She is one and half years old. Before I have Yuan Bao, I am scared of any animals, even small animals. However, Yuan Bao changed me. Since Yuan Bao come to my home, I really love to stay with animals.

I learnt tons of specialty when I was a kid, such as piano,dance, guitar. However, I stop learning them all since I went to middle school. Fortunately, I start to pick them up when I getting older. In my free time, I love to watch movies. I really enjoy to watch the newest movies, expect hero movies. Also, I really love to listen to music. I really enjoy to listen pop music and rap. My favorite singer is Drake and The Weeknd.



9 thoughts on “2 Jiang, Yvonne, About Me

  1. You are so funny about what’s your life look like. I also a little afraid of dog, however, I likes them if they are small and cute.
    Lucy Gao

  2. I remember that photo you posted on your brother’s birthday on Wechat, and that was super cool! Hope you enjoy the time celebrating his birthday and having that huge birthday cake.

  3. Katherine:I think Yvonne’s presentation is pretty good. The details are plentiful, and she showed her brother’s picture in the presentation. That makes us understand her brother more directly by looking at his appearance. I also think that her dog is really cute, that makes me miss my own pet, but there is a little blemish that her pronunciation is not really good. Hope she can improve it and become better on pronunciation!

  4. Ronny : she presentation always can let us feel very happy, she let me know many things about her, like her brother really good at sport, or she has a white dog it really cute, also she is a outgoing person, everyone love your kiki!!

  5. Ryan: I am honored that I can be the audience of your fantastic presentation. it feels pretty warm and sweet~

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