2 Fan, Katherine, About me

I am Katherine. I am a senior student in Pegasus. I am a outgoing person, because I really love making friends.These are my friends in Pegasus.

These are my friends out of the school.

I also have lots of hobbies, but I extremely obsessed in music and cooking. I want to share these two hobbie of me today and let everyone to know about me more apropos.

I love cooking, but the reason that I start to cooking is really curious. I came to Qingdao when I was thirteen years old, and I was a junior student, but I am not a local person. My hometown is in Binzhou, which is a small city in Shandong province. Since I leave my hometown, I just live by myself. At start, I will ordered take-out, but after I ate take-out for three months and I become really easy to got ill, and I grown lots of pox on my face. That is terrible. I went to see the doctor and did a general check-up. The report of generl check-up really freezing me up. my physical indicators been really abnormal. The doctor let me stop eatting take-out and everything contain lots of oil and chilli in it. I started to realize that  eat take-out is too harmful to my body. Then, I started to cook by myself. At start the food tasted difficult to swallow, but after learning from lots of differet recipe and try it for a hundred of times I can cook really delicious food. Finally, I fall in love with cooking. I enjoy in eatting food that is cooked by myself. I also love to cook for my family and friends, that is a such happiness thing!


The most important thing to me is music. I have a really common but not picnic hobby, which is singing. I love singing, and I pay lots of attention and effort in it! All the people that are familiar with me know that how important music is to me. I cannot say that I am a hardworker on study, but on music I am. I l started learned piano when I was in elementary school, and I learned it for seven years. After that I started want to learn guitar, but I was already a high school student , so my mom disagreed with that. She thinks that it will seperate my attention to study, but I have already desided. I save money from my pocket money. I didn’t eat snacks and buy cosmetics for two monthes, and buy a yamaha guitar witch is the first guitar of my life. I started learn it my myself, and practice every recess when I was in high school. At start, those strings are really hard to me, those chord are too far to my fingers. After one month there are full of cocoons on my tips of finger and that is really hurt, but I still adhere to practice it. Finally, I can play a complete, smooth song without any error, and everytime I play it will attracted lots of  classmate to watching, and they always encouraged me. I felt fulfilment! Then, I just cannot stop singing and practice instruments everyday, because that feeling is fantastic!




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