2 Cindy Cui Plagiarism

Period 2
Cindy Holly
Bold And Centered
The Harvard University have a scandal broke in May 2012 that they have more than 120 students have a cheat in the final exam. The final exam takes home the open-volume model of independent completion, and they had more than 250 people were handed the exam. The assistant of the course was found during the reading that nearly half have an answer or plagiarism. And then, the school immediately investigated. Harvard college dean Smith sent an email to all students on February 1, said the school’s academic ethics committee ended its investigation into the cheating scandal. And decision requires that half of the students suspected of cheating to leave the school. The honest is very important for students. Mr. Smith said the other students that have a cheat need to kept on school and look carefully. The time for compulsory suspension is usually determined by the students who are punished. In Harvard, the penalty lasts for two to four semesters.

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