1_Zhang_Eric_About Me

I’m Eric Z, a 11th garder in Pegasus.

My middle school was Qingdao Affilited Middle School, yet I’m a student in Pegasus California School. And some of my friends in Pegasus were also from there. That was a really good school. In the daily lives, except doing my daily school works and assignments, and I would like to learn some extra knowledge about History also. I’m very familiar with the history that between 1914 to 1945, or I can tell the history events which around Cold War and 1992-2003 period. In addition, I’m intrest in military stuff very much. I started learning military stuff since I was 12, until now I had familiar with almost all the light weapons and tactics like CQB and battles happened around the world. I can explain these military thing very well because I did lost of reasearch so I ‘m well-understood on these. What’s more, I also intrest in technic stuff. I joined some technic competiotions, like the CRC chanllenge I joined this year, and won the 2nd place in the nation competiotion.
Well, In my spare time I will listen to some pop music, Jazz or Russian music, or read some intesting books. : )

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