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I’m Rindo Li. I’m a high school student who study in PCS now. It is a high school which comes from California. The teachers there are very professional and patient to their students. My family sent me here because they want me to get better education. My parents are pretty kind although we argue with each other sometimes, they love me very profound and deeply, I’m sure. I used to pet a Holland Lop and I like it very much. Its long dropping ears are so soft. I also met a bunch of good friends in PCS. This is a kind school that everyone have shown their kindness to me. Leo is the one that I always get along with. He is a fun guy who always talking about funny jokes. We got close somehow. I think it probably because of skateboard.He started skateboarding after he saw I ride it.And in these days, we skateboarding together everyday. I am also interested in painting. Now I am learning Digital Art. I’m also a skateboard rider. I and my fellow are preparing for the establishment of the club which name is called EGO, and I think we did a really good job. What’s more, there is a guy whose name is Jock that I really want to introduce him to you. We have many similarities on each other such as humor, ambition, and dashing, and we also have many same hobbies like anime and playing video games. Combine a lot of things before, he has become my homie, somehow. We live in a same room now so that we have more time to stay with each other these days.

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  1. Like your article! I want to be the master of skating board as you are, yet I’m still learning how to use the skating board.

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