1 Ye Davide Plagiarism

Plagiarism Policies in American University

In China, the plagiarisms actually are very common things in our daily life. Some manufacturers steal others’ idea and copy it in his own idea. And there are a lot of fake things in the market. For example, snacks, shoes, clothes and tools. Some manufacturers used the inventors’ idea and changed it. Sometimes, they just changed the name a little bit and they sold them out. They can get higher saleroom than inventors because their products are cheaper. Although it has lower price, it is very unhealthy for people. And the government do not care this thing too much in China. There are tons of rules and laws about the plagiarism, but many people still plagiarize everyday. In my opinion, we should not plagiarize. Be honest is the most important thing for human. We need to do all the assignments and homework by ourselves. If you copy others, you won’t advance.

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