1 Ye David about me


About me

My name is David Ye and I am in Pegasus California school in Qingdao.

My favorite animal is dog that is tiny and lovely.

I was obsessed with playing computer games, but I change my opinion when I joined in Pegasus. I wished Fridays coming everyday then I can go home and played games, but I am not interested in games that much at all.

I always play basketball or watch movies after school. I can exercise myself, and I can also relax myself .

And my favorite kind movie is scared movie. The favorite one is The Saw.

I have a very kind elder female cousin. She is very nice to me, and I dont have any brothers and sisters else. I also have a very cute nephew, and she is 2 years old.

Me and my family were born in Qingdao and we like this city very much. Sometimes we go to the sea and eat BBQ in summer.



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