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About me

My name is Kevin Yang. I am 17 now. I am in Pegasus California school. I like play basketball and my position is PG or SG and I play it everyday after school. I study TOEFL every weekend. And I also like play the pool. I set up a match last semester. I think I play it good but now I don’t play it. Because I have to study the TOEFL test. And I like the video games. Such as the GTA5 or NBA2k. I play these two a lot. I think it is very interesting. And my family have 5 members. My sister, my parents, my grandma and me. We love each other. My sister is almost 9 years old. She is very cute. And my father usually play with her on weekend. My parents teached me a lot. Such as how to be a good student or how to doing good. My grandma is 70 years old. She is very kindly and she likes children. All in all, I love my family.

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