1 Wan, Zack, Introduce paragraph

 I am Zack, 17 years old. I like animals, especially dogs. I think they are pretty cute and that is a interesting thing to have a dog. I used to have 2 Golden Retrievers. But they all dead. It makes me grieved for several days. Because their death were caused by me, and also I didn’t take good care of them. The first one, I have this dog’s been almost two years. We always play together and I spent many time on it. But in one day, I brought him to the seaside, I did not know it was afraid of the sea water. So I use the rope to bring it to swim. I just for fun. So the sea water made it had a miserable cold. In the end, it died. I felt very remorse and almost cry every day. The next one was died of influenza. It was a winter. I send my dog to my uncle’s home. My uncle put it in his yard of the house for a whole week. But the week was so cold. Finally, he also got a cold. I took it to the Vet and Injections every day. But it’s not getting better, it’s worse. Finally, it was died. So i do not have any dogs anymore after that. But i still love dogs.

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