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About Me

    Hello, I am Eric Liu, and I am 17 years old. I’m from Yantai, which is one of the most beautiful city in China. There are three people in my family. My favorite subjects are English, history and PE. English helps me improve my English level, history class is like an amusingly story and PE has a variety of sports makes me happy. What’s more, sports team can lead to stronger friendships with team members. I like reading books, and learn some knowledges and principles from books, so I always remember some sentence, such as “ It’s dogged that does it.” and that why I always try new things. In addition, I will never give up. I am very friendly person, if you get into any troubles, I will definitely try my best to help you. I like watching football, but I don’t like play football and I am a fans of Barcelona.

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  1. Johnny Zhang: I’m very appreciate that you are a friendly person, and I wish you can be more participate in clubs instead of stay at dorm and play video games.

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