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About me

I am Fiona and I changed my name this semester.

I am a student who studies in Pegasus California school; I will have my 17th birthday after three months.

This school gives me a lot, including more happiness, but sometimes I also got sad. For me, that’s ok!!! Everyday I sing a song with my friend, and she is the 10th grader student in our school. Whether we are studying or improving life skills, we always help each other to be a nice person. In some cases, there are some argues between us, but we can fix them very quickly.

Also, I want to be a free person, because I think this is a kind of nature for Sagittarius.

The time of sober often more than I go to bed, I hope I can eat more and sleep more in this year. But meanwhile, I should continue to study and get better, or set up a goal for myself that can help me achieve my dreams easily.heart

I cherish all of you.

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