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Plagiarism Policies in American University

Plagiarism is a very bad act, and this bad behavior takes place in many countries. In China, this behavior often happens. When I was a child, my mother and teacher taught me that plagiarism is a bad behavior. And now, many American universities also don’t allowed this behavior. And if you do Academic dishonesty, you will also be punished. For example, this is one of the rule from Washington State University. If your thesis does not indicate where it comes from, you will lose your status. And in Duke university, it requires new students to complete tutoring courses about no plagiarism on the network before they sign up. Or you can not enter the university. Most schools have Student Judicial Affairs, and they all pay attention to this act. Not only school but many professors hate academic dishonesty, and copyright infringement. And many people think that if you copy other people’s results, you’re certainly not thinking. I like UCLA very much. This is a good school. But the school also hated plagiarism. I have seen a story once. UCLA refuses 52 excellent MBA applicants. These men copied other people’s application paper. That’s too bad. So, this is a very bad behavior. This is a very serious thing. We must not do plagiaristic things.

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